Warehouse Distribution

Why not let us take care of your requirements for warehousing and distribution.

We can provide a cost effective alternative to providing your own systems, staff training and carrying additional overheads for non-core business activities.

Use of space as and when required. Your capital is not tied up in warehouse and inventory systems, forklifts, security systems etc.

In-house administration and all human resource issues (holidays, sickness etc.) are our problem not yours.

Our bespoke computerised stock control system can track all movements in and out of the warehouse to include:
  • Automatic SRN (stock received number) allocated on arrival
  • All movements tracked by SRN, Purchase Order, Call off number etc.
  • Stock can be managed by pallet, carton or inners per carton
  • Expiry date reporting for perishable goods
  • Automatic minimum stock level replenishment
  • LIFO/FIFO stock rotation
  • Weekly/Monthly invoicing
  • Various Inventory reports available